The industry Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection, iSEEP conferences is a new forum under the umbrella of the International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Protection. This new forum aims to bring together industry and academia to present the state of the art in current research, applied research, and technologies at all stages of readiness. The conference aims to add further contribution for both researchers and practitioners around the world to present papers on recent developments in the fields of Sustainable Energy and Environmental protection. The organising committee of the conference invites papers from researchers/practitioners from academia and industry within the scope of the conference subjects.


The conference particularly welcomes papers related to industrial based projects. Papers dealing with one or more of the following topics will be considered for the conference:

Steam System Efficiency & Management
Biomass Conversion
Photovoltaic Technology
Solar Thermal Applications
echnical Developments in Vehicles
Fuelling Technology (EV, Diesel, CNG, LPG)
New Concepts including LNG
Electrical & Hybrid Drive Systems
Supercapacitors and Applications
Policies & Regulations
Economic Aspects
Marketing Strategies
Environment Management
Circular Economy
Passive & Active Building Design
Cyber Security
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology
Hydrogen Economic & Investments
Marine/Ocean Energy
Wind Energy & Applications
Engines and Equipment
Modelling and Simulation
Energy Storage
Smart/hybrid Power Networks
Codes & Standards
Road Management
Customer & Society Satisfaction
Sensor Technologies
AI and Robotics

Environmental Issues including:

Air Pollution
Water & Waste Management
Waste Management
Climate Change
Health & Environment

Materials & Fuel Developments including:

Lightweight Structures
Bio-composite Materials
Fuel Cell Materials
Nuclear Energy & Decommissioning

When Is It?

The SEEP Industry conference will take place on March 30th and April 1st 2020.

The Venue

The C11 Cyber Security & Innovation Centre is a secure environment for the cyber community of Gloucestershire to work, innovate, learn and network. C11 is located within Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park an exemplar of industrial regeneration.

Registration Fees

Before 10/02/2020

Committee Member£350
Session Organiser£350

After 10/02/2020

Committee Member£400
Session Organiser£400

Special rate for undergraduate pioneer researchers

Registration fees cover participation in all sessions of the conference, a copy of the proceedings, lunches, refreshments and conference dinner.